1000 Bullet Games to battle Breast Cancer

1000 Bullet Games to battle Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer and bullet chess. Two seemingly unrelated pairs of words, similar only in their initial letters, suddenly brought into each other’s acquaintance. And what better introducer than a charity event for National Cancer Prevention Month?

On February 17, 2012, a gentleman by the name of Bryan Bailey will play an incredible one-thousand-game marathon of bullet chess. That’s 1,000 consecutive games. Yes a thousand. The event is to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention where the proceeds will be donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In ChessCube, Bryan goes by the handle Goose0202. Well, I helped him by playing some games. I can’t cover up whole 1000 games but here are some games which I played with him. If he finishes consecutive 1000 games then he may get $2000 dollars (approx.), which he will donate it to charity

He raised $1600+.

Coolchessgm vs Goose


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