Reflections on Chess Growth

Reflections on Chess Growth

What is really important in aiding chess growth?

Let us classify and grade the important factors in the context of chess preparation:

  • Very important but highly neglected – Confidence Buildup
  • Very important but slightly neglected – Skills & Self-stufy (Games Analysis, Endgames et al)
  • Very important and practiced daily – Tactics
  • Not very important but engaged more than necessary – Blitz and Bullet (Online & Offline)
  • Not very important but neglected – Collection of books and Study materials (only what is necessary)
  • Not very important for a beginner – Chess Engines & emphasis on High-end Computers

This is a list of things that are more important from your personal point of view. If you are stuck wondering how to improve or why you are not improving then this checklist will tell you what you are doing wrong (and right). So that you can take corrective measures and improve the current imbroglio.


  1. Thank you CCGM for sharing your thoughts with us. This is indeed a good information for budding chess talents.

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