Drill – #1

Drill – #1

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1 A wonderful composition, with incredibly rich content, given the very limited material available.Computers think for a very long time before solving that one, but a human can make it in little time.Try it.

White to play and Win:

1.Kc5 { Threatening to trap the knight, so Black’s reply is forced. } 1…Nc7 2.Kd6 Ne8+ 3.Ke7 Ng7 ( 3…Nc7 4.Kf7 { and the pawn promotes. } ) 4.Bg6 { Black’s knight is totally  dominated by Bishop+King, but the Black King still has a move to do. Here comes the ingenious zugzwang idea: } 4…Kg8 5.Bf7+ Kh7 6.Kf6 Kh8 7.Ke5 ( 7.Kg6? Ne6 { and Black draws easily. } ) 7…Kh7 8.Ke4! { A small triangulation to pass the move to Black. } 8…Kh8 9.Kf4 Kh7 10.Kg4! Kh8 11.g6 { …and the knight which escaped from a8, is trapped on the other corner of the board. }


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