Explaining the hiatus

Explaining the hiatus

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Explaining the hiatus – coolchessgm.com

Explaining the hiatus - coolchessgm.
Explaining the hiatus in coolchessgm. Many of you may be wondering why your favorite – CoolchessGM.com – suddenly went static and stopped moving some 6-8 months ago. The truth is that it was hacked. It took a lot of time to clean up and re-host this site on a dedicated web-space of its own, to prevent any similar collisions in future.

Then after that was taken care of I decided to revamp the looks of our site and this was done assuming that it would be a breeze! However it took some time to configure properly and to compound it I had exams to contend with.

However the end result is that we are back and we are good!

Avid Chess player and tech savvy. Love to play blitz and bullet chess :)