How to Choose a Chess Move

How to Choose a Chess Move

How to Choose a Chess Move

How to Choose a Chess Move


Today I shall review Soltis’ book – How to Choose a Chess Move. Selecting a good chess move is a remarkably complex task. By the time we begin to take the game seriously, by reading books or playing in tournament, we’ve forgotten how extraordinarily difficult the process is.

We’ve forgotten because we take for granted various time – saving steps. Without those shortcuts, selecting one move from the dozens of possibilities would seem impossible.

What is the difference between a GM who selects the best candidate moves more often than not and players like you and me who seem to struggle in this aspect?

GM Andre Soltis has written a wonderful book – How to Choose a Chess Move that fills a void which seems to be neglected apart from Silman’s herculean efforts titled How to Reassess your Chess, The Amateur’s Mind, and Reassess your Chess Workbook.

Long ago, the Russian author Alexei Seutin wrote a book called Three Steps to Chess Mastery, that was somewhat ambiguous for me in my early stages of chess learning and training.

Soltis’ book is aimed at club level players who have mastered the basics of chess principles and are adept at solving simple chess tactics and mates.

It is organized into 11 Chapters offering incredibly nice insights on how GM’s think. This resource offers an incredible wealth of information and each chapter is worth its weight in gold!

If you have to have just one book for the next few months to read, I would  recommend How to Choose a Chess Move (Clicking this link would add this book to your Amazon cart. My only grouse is that it has only 240 pages, for a work of this importance in the field of chess literature.






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