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Explaining the hiatus – coolchessgm.com

Explaining the hiatus - coolchessgm.
Explaining the hiatus in coolchessgm. Many of you may be wondering why your favorite – CoolchessGM.com – suddenly went static and stopped moving some 6-8 months ago. The truth is that it was hacked. It took a lot of time to clean up and re-host this site on a dedicated web-space of its own, to prevent any similar collisions in future.

Then after that was taken care of I decided to revamp the looks of our site and this was done assuming that it would be a breeze! However it took some time to configure properly and to compound it I had exams to contend with.

However the end result is that we are back and we are good!

Four moves in - we are all blind

ALGORITHMS Four Moves In, We Are All Blind

Four yALGORITHMS Four Moves In We Are All Blindears in the making, a unique documentary on young blind chess players from India made by British filmmaker Ian McDonald and an Indian team to screen at the World Chess Championship in Chennai. Titled – ALGORITHMS Four Moves In, We Are All Blind – A Unique Documentary that is worth watching.

A film by Ian McDonald
India | 2012 | HDV | B&W | 96 mins
English, Hindi, Tamil, Odiya with English subtitles

produced by Geetha J.

The award-winning documentary Algorithms, directed by sports sociologist and documentarian Ian McDonald will be screened at the FIDE World Chess Championship 2013.

This one-off special screening presented by FIDE, AICF and TNSCA will be held at 4 pm on 21 Nov, 2013 at the Abbotsbury Ballroom (next to Media Centre), Hotel Hyatt Regency, the venue of the championship. Director Ian McDonald and Geetha J, the producer of the film will be present for the screening.

Algorithms (2012 / 96mins) is a feature documentary on young blind chess players from India. Filmed over three years from just before the World Junior Blind Chess Championship in Sweden in 2009 to just after the next championship in Greece in 2011, it follows three talented boys from different parts of India and a totally blind player turned pioneer who not only aims to situate India on a global stage but also wants all blind children to play chess.

The film, which has received critical acclaim and picked up awards at film festivals all over the world, is Ian’s first feature documentary and the first ever feature documentary on blind chess. Ian, who recently joined Newcastle University, UK, as a Lecturer in Film Practice, commented:

“The response to Algorithms has been amazing wherever it has screened. Audiences have been really taken with the subject matter, but most of all, it is the compelling characters in the film that seem to have captivated people. I am really looking forward to seeing what the audience in this chess championship make of the extraordinary young blind chess players of India!”

Screening is free to all but donations are welcome as all proceeds will go towards creating a high spec “Audio Narration” to make the film accessible to the blind and visually impaired community.

[button url=’#’ size=’small’ style=’coral’] About the Film: [/button]

In India, a group of boys dream of becoming Chess Masters, driven by a man with a vision. But this is no ordinary chess and these are no ordinary players. Algorithms is a documentary on the thriving but little known world of Blind Chess in India.

Filmed over three years from just before the World Junior Blind Chess Championship in Sweden in 2009 to just after the next championship in Greece in 2011, it follows three talented boys from different parts of India and a totally blind player turned pioneer who not only aims to situate India on a global stage but also wants all blind children to play chess.

Algorithms travels with the chess players to competitive tournaments and visits them in their home milieu where they reveal their struggles, anxieties and hopes. It moves through the algorithms of the blind chess world reminding the sighted of what it means to see. Going beyond sight and story, this observational sport doc with a difference elicits hidden realms of subjectivity. It allows for the tactile and thoughtful journey that explores foresight, sight and vision to continue long after the moving image ends.

Algorithms is the first ever feature documentary on Blind Chess.

[button url=’#’ size=’small’ style=’royal-blue’] THE CHESS PLAYERS:[/button]

charudatta Charudatta Jadhav from Mumbai is a champion player turned pioneer. He discovered the game of chess soon after he went blind in his teenage years. It gave him confidence and a purpose in life.  Convinced of the power of this game, he has dedicated his life to develop chess for the blind. A highly successful IT professional, Charu is a man of great drive and ambition, and he aims to situate India in  the top five countries for Blind Chess.



darpan Darpan Inani from Baroda is the most talented and highest ranked totally blind player in India. This idiosyncratic, confident and highly intelligent teenager is focussed on what he wants to achieve in  chess, and in life. Darpan possesses a wisdom that belies his young age. He is a topper in his sighted school and wants to be the first blind entrepreneur of India.




saikrishnaSaiKrishna S.T. from Chennai is the ambitious rising star of blind chess in India. He is fun-loving, gregarious and makes friends easily. But as a partially sighted boy faced with the possibility of going totally blind, there is a lot more steel to Sai’s character than at first appears. Sai studies in a blind school and is again a topper. He wants to be the first blind journalist of India.




AnantAnant Kumar Nayak from Bhubaneshwar is a promising new talent. He is a gentle boy with an endearing if slightly eccentric personality. With a strong sense of moral duty and responsibility, the totally blind Anant struggles to balance his commitment to chess and studies. Anant has come second in training exams for IAS and hopes to be a rare blind IAS officer of India.


[button url=’#’ size=’small’ style=’green’] Contact for film:[/button]

Ian McDonald
0044 7828637358
ian.interventions@gmail.com, info@algorithmsthedocumentary.com

Geetha J / AkamPuram:
0091 9447744864
geetha@akampuram.net, info@akampuram.net


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Hey friends! A new feature known as the Online Newspaper has arrived to our site!!

This paper contains articles/news/updates all over the world by the following Twitter Users:

  1. charlesgalofre
  2. OnlineChessLess
  3. Brooklyn_Castle
  5. chessdom
  6. SusanPolgar
  7. chesslearning
  8. 2700Chess


Still more can be added to our news community. If you can suggest some tweeters, it would help to develop our online news updates.

You can see the Online Newspaper in action here. http://www.coolchessgm.com/news-updates/

In the ongoing 4th Chennai Open GM Chess Tournament. Me & my friends had a nice chat with GM Henrik Danielsen. He was discussing about his training, about his students, and gave his website www.trainlikeagrandmaster.com. In his training method, he doesn’t particularly guide a student but makes a video and sends to his students mail box (Not for free, Of Course).

GM Danielsen pays special attention to the mistakes, categorizing them into inaccuracies, mistakes, and blunders.

I am playing in the tournament and hope to increase some elo points. I will post some of my interesting games, if any.

You can see live games in www.monroi.com.

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He is by his own admission a chess genius, weaned on computers, a supreme expert on openings, and the hardest worker amongst the top players. Actually, when you have gone through this remarkable ChessPro interview with Magnus Carlsen – which you must – you will recognize that all of the fairly plausible claims in our initial statement are false – in fact the opposite is true.

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Magnus Carlsen appeared on the prestigious news show “60 Minutes” which has run on CBS since 1968. Reporter Bob Simon profiled Carlsen in a segment that appeared Sunday February 19th 2012. You can now see this interview and much additional material. There is footage of Carlsen in Norway and playing at the London Chess Classic alongside the interview.







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Breast cancer and bullet chess. Two seemingly unrelated pairs of words, similar only in their initial letters, suddenly brought into each other’s acquaintance. And what better introducer than a charity event for National Cancer Prevention Month?

On February 17, 2012, a gentleman by the name of Bryan Bailey will play an incredible one-thousand-game marathon of bullet chess. That’s 1,000 consecutive games. Yes a thousand. The event is to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention where the proceeds will be donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In ChessCube, Bryan goes by the handle Goose0202. Well, I helped him by playing some games. I can’t cover up whole 1000 games but here are some games which I played with him. If he finishes consecutive 1000 games then he may get $2000 dollars (approx.), which he will donate it to charity

He raised $1600+.

Coolchessgm vs Goose

The 2011 London Chess Classic is now just a month away – and it just got a little bit stronger.  At the top of the list, for the first time in the history of chess competition, there are four players rated 2800 or more. All are playing in London. So that’s not a bad place to be, from December 3-12.

Read here



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