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India vs Indonesia in Chesscube (a friendly duel) struck up in my mind since long time and it became true yesterday! 🙂

I asked our Indian players to play and they accepted it including Coolchessgm. The Indian players played very well sweeping all the Indonesian players winning 5 games and Indonesia won 0 games. I am posting the results and games here.

Indian team was led by Coolchessgm!.

Time Control: 1 min & Unrated

Indians               vs   Indonesians

Coolchessgm    vs   Htjhinhauw    1-0

Arjun_king        vs   d_k_legrande  1-0

Final_legend     vs   Red hare king   1-0

Arjun143            vs   wisang_master 1-0

Black_Hert         vs    scaryme    1-0

India won all the games and my heartiest congratulations to the players. I am thinking to organize a new Friendly Duel again.

Here are the games:)

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Bryan, who is a self-confessed bullet addict, and rated around 2300 on ChessCube, has a rather unorthodox background. He first learned chess aged 6, but then didn’t return to the game, until aged 14; in effect, teaching himself using interactive Chessmaster lessons on xBox, in conjunction with correspondence games. Then, he watched 100s of hours of blitz chess videos, by IM Greg Shahade, concentrating almost exclusively on tactics – and, amazingly, not studying opening theory.

After Bryan’s two mind-blowing events on Chesscube – 1000 Consecutive Bullet Games and Raising money for Unifiied Philanthropy; Bryan now is aiming to another such big event on chesscube.

On August 10, 2012 starting at 8am EST on Twitch TV and Chesscube as he plays 100 Warzone chess tournaments on Chesscube while raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

You can also follow this event on Facebook. Don’t miss this event and cheer Bryan!



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