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India vs Indonesia in Chesscube (a friendly duel) struck up in my mind since long time and it became true yesterday! ūüôā

I asked our Indian players to play and they accepted it including Coolchessgm. The Indian players played very well sweeping all the Indonesian players winning 5 games and Indonesia won 0 games. I am posting the results and games here.

Indian team was led by Coolchessgm!.

Time Control: 1 min & Unrated

Indians               vs   Indonesians

Coolchessgm    vs   Htjhinhauw    1-0

Arjun_king        vs   d_k_legrande  1-0

Final_legend     vs   Red hare king   1-0

Arjun143            vs   wisang_master 1-0

Black_Hert         vs    scaryme    1-0

India won all the games and my heartiest congratulations to the players. I am thinking to organize a new Friendly Duel again.

Here are the games:)



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