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Bishop vs Knight

Bishop vs Knight – Which is stronger?

All chess players have their own fancy presumptions regarding this. A large number of players are inclined towards the two Bishops compared to two Knights or a Bishop against a Knight. Even World Chess Champions like Fischer and Steinitz favored Bishops against Knights while Chigorin for a change prefered Knights against Bishops. Take your pick but look at the examples below to have an idea.

Below is the well known game between Max Harmonist and Siegbert Tarrasch in the Berlin variation of the Ruy Lopez where a large number of kibitzers and analysts including Nimzowitsch in his international book ‘My System‘ demonstrated this game as a poignant display of the dual Bishops.

And now it is time to witness the two Knight’s power against two Bishops, played between the great legends Emanuel Lasker vs Mikhail Chigorin.

This game is a fantastic show of knight blockade, one would say at move 14.Bd3 it was better for White (+-) according to Lasker but some inaccuracies and powerful domination by the Black Knights brought the point home.

When is a Bishop powerful or preferred?

When one must prefer a bishop is when the position is open and offers open diagonals or prospects of getting open diagonals.

When is a Knight powerful or preferred?

When one must prefer a knight: when the position is closed and the opponent’s Bishops are ‘biting the granite’.


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